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To be the leader in accelerated digital transformation.

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Enable digital transformation by leveraging new technology to power your business.


We strive to help companies make the right decisions and achieve their vision.

That’s why teams at AON, facebook and vodafone work with us every day.

Who we are

A Team that Makes a Difference


We power digital transformation by designing and delivering solutions that drive bold change. We help companies exploit and accelerate their digital capabilities to compete and win. We leverage a vendor-neutral philosophy combined with a broad ecosystem of relationships and partnerships to deliver all your digital transformation needs.

What we do

Digital, Data Analytics and Cloud


Our digital enablement platform allows us design, build and rapidly deploy intelligent solutions that are as agile as they are powerful. Our digital transformation services support micro services that can be built and deployed with the performance, security and resilience to support your digital transformation. We create insightful data driven applications.

How we do it

Together is Better


We see clients as partners and we work collaboratively through every stage of the project. We designed a 6 step process that allows us to understand your challenges as well as design, develop and maintain your solutions with speed and flexibility.

Why Singlepoint

We Get the Job Done


All Singlepoint’s clients recognise our people as being some of the best in the industry. This is a reflection of our ambition and what our founders set as a benchmark for the company in general: we are honest, nimble and proactive and we always go the extra mile.

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Why do some of the world’s smartest companies work with us?

We help technology companies harness the power of Big Data & Analytics to identify new sources of growth in a digital world.

Case Study: Data Analytics and BI for Facebook

Project Background

The EMEA Facebook Business Intelligence (BI) team (based in Dublin) required a local partner to support the delivery of business intelligence solutions for their EMEA business needs and engaged Singlepoint to work with them in delivering core analytics and insights to internal business users. Their requirement was to leverage in-house and external data to build a key operational data analytics platform. The business needed a trusted technology partner to provide software delivery process efficiencies during the development of their data analytics platform.

Work Delivered

SinglePoint worked with the EMEA business intelligence team to support the delivery of a set of BI solutions for our EMEA Business teams. As part of this project our team worked with key business and product owners to define and capture scope and requirements, and plan the delivery schedule in line with the businesses expectation’s. We then undertook the design, build and deployment  of the BI solutions. We delivered early and often to demonstrate functionality as soon as it was available.

Once the project was delivered we started the Support and Manage phase of our process where we actively support and maintain the delivered solutions across the business users and key business stakeholders both in EMEA and US.


By partnering with Facebook EMEA BI team in our process, the Singlepoint team successfully delivered on product owners’ requirements which in turn enabled the Facebook EMEA business teams to drive their business. We then collaborated with the internal Agile champions to embed and hand over our process within the EMEA BI team. The platform also achieved an improvement in delivery efficiencies, reducing time to market through good incremental delivery practices.


Singlepoint supported the delivery across a number of key Facebook IT, Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions. Singlepoint’s technical capabilities and delivery track record made the decision to appoint them as a technical delivery managed service partner an easy one.

Ger O’Hara – EMEA Business Intelligence Manager


Company Background

Facebook, Inc. builds products that enable people to connect and share through mobile devices and personal computers. Its products include Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and Oculus. Facebook is a mobile application and Website that enables people to connect, share, discover and communicate with each other on mobile devices and personal computers. Instagram is a mobile application that enables people to take photos or videos, customize them with filter effects, and share them with friends and followers in a photo feed or send them to friends. Messenger is a messaging application available for mobile and Web on various platforms and devices.

Telecommunications companies are working with us to be ahead of the rapid pace of change in their emerging technology platforms and partner channels.

Case Study: Knowledge Management Portal for Vodafone

Project Background

Vodafone Ireland’s Enterprise Service Operations (ESO) team, which is based in Dublin, required a local partner to support the creation and delivery of a SharePoint portal to provide customer information and product information to their 24/7 Enterprise support team call agents. 

They had an existing knowledge sharing solution that worked as a document directory but they needed to provide their team with a centralised, comprehensive way of capturing, providing and sharing knowledge; enabling them to respond more quickly to customer queries and market changes.

Work Delivered

Singlepoint worked with the ESO key business and product owners to define and capture scope and requirements. When that was agreed the portal was designed, built and deployed. The next step was ongoing support and maintenance of the portal.


By working together with the Vodafone Enterprise Services Operations team, the Singlepoint team successfully delivered on the key requirements for a Knowledge Management portal.

Singlepoint integrated the web based portal with the various tools and platforms used by Vodafone. This provided a one stop shop for the 24/7 team to access up-to-date customer information, which in turn enabled the agent taking the call to understand the customer requirements and fix the problem quicker.


“We have partnered with Singlepoint to support the delivery of a Knowledge Management Portal solution. The implementation of the ESO Knowledge Portal was a huge success, in no part down to the team being very responsive to any questions or ideas we had and willing to go the extra mile. What this has resulted in, is an excellent product that supports Vodafone Enterprise Corporate customers. I would highly recommend Singlepoint for anyone looking to do a similar project as ours.”

Bryan Kearney – Enterprise Services Operations (ESO) Team Manager


Company Background

Vodafone is one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies and provides a range of services including voice, messaging, data and fixed communications. Vodafone has mobile operations in 26 countries, partners with mobile networks in 57 more, and fixed broadband operations in 17 markets. As of 31 March 2016, Vodafone had 462 million mobile customers and 13.4 million fixed broadband customers.

Vodafone Ireland Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Vodafone Group, the largest mobile phone operator in Ireland in terms of subscribers. The company operates a full range of voice, SMS, MMS and mobile data services network capable of offering a range of broadband services. Vodafone has implemented a Knowledge Management core portal platform to enable call agents to better service the Vodafone customer base.

We help Financial Services companies capture the benefits of building loyalty, and plan for an evolving competitive and regulatory landscape.

Case Study: AWS DevOps Delivery for Rockall

Project Background

Rockall delivers enterprise collateral management for the banking book to over 20 of the world’s leading banks. In re-building their flagship product onto a new technology stack, Rockall needed a new DevOps platform to fully automate their product deployment pipeline.

The goal of the DevOps platform was to deliver additional engineering capacity that would enable Rockall to build and test their complete software system dynamically with every change on an hourly basis across multiple platforms / OS stacks such as WebSphere, WebLogic, Tomcat across Windows and Linux platforms .

Work Delivered

Our team delivered a DevOps Framework that enables the deployment of:

– AWS CloudFormation for managing AWS Resources

– Amazon EC2 for compute

– AWS IAM for securely controlling access to AWS for users.

– Amazon S3 for storage.

– VPC for securely isolating cloud access

– Integrations with existing repositories, to run the self-service components enabling developers and QA to launch environments at the touch of a button.


The deployment of our DevOps Framework enabling AWS Cloud Delivery at Rockall resulted in several benefits for the company:

– Enhanced developer focus on adding features rather than running manual tasks.

– Reduced infrastructure costs, in addition to the ability to auto scale and test large infrastructure at one click.

– Ability to launch development & test environments at the touch of a button.


Singlepoint worked with us to deliver a fully automated DevOps process for our engineering group on AWS. The level of quality and speed of delivery that we have been afforded by Singlepoint has made massive benefit to our development processes.

Eoin Cavanagh, Chief Technology Officer

Company Background

Rockall is the global expert in collateral management technology for the banking book, enabling many of the world’s top banks manage over $2 Trillion worth of collateral daily, helping them to handle the complexity required to drive high-volume and high-value loan books while safeguarding against risk.  Rockall builds and integrates systems that enable financial institutions accurately manage and assess credit risk, supporting a deep understanding of the credit exposures that drive capital requirements and RWA.

We build the technology platforms that facilitate and enable Innovation Labs to do what they know best.

Case Study: Agile Delivery for AON Centre for Innovation & Analytics (ACIA)

Project Background

Two years ago, the ACIA embarked on a significant change programme encompassing three streams of work: data management re-architecture, delivery of a new analytical platform and migration to cloud-based infrastructural services. All three have been facilitated by another major shift for the centre – the adoption of agile methodologies. ACIA’s agile journey has been driven as much by cultural change as it has been by new processes and governance, resulting in vastly improved delivery capabilities within ACIA’s teams.

Work Delivered

ACIA engaged Singlepoint as a trusted technology partner to provide support in the implementation of a data analytics platform that leverages combined in-house and external data.

Singlepoint consultants with expertise in cloud computing, UI development, business analysis and agile scrum worked closely with Aon’s teams throughout this significant period of change to identify and execute process improvements, to implement new processes, governance frameworks and supporting documentation sets as well as to establish a client feedback loop and develop a shared understanding of their key problems.


As a result of our work with the ACIA team we achieved:

– Improved delivery efficiencies, reducing time to market through incremental delivery practices.

– Adoption of new delivery processes within the organization.

– Embedding and handover of processes through collaboration with internal Agile champions.


Singlepoint are a trusted provider of professional services to us. We value the strength and flexibility of their resources, understanding of our business needs and track record for delivery.

Fergal Collins, Chief Executive Officer, Aon Centre for Innovation & Analytics

Company Background

Aon Plc (NYSE:AON) is a leading global provider of risk management, insurance brokerage, reinsurance brokerage, human resources solutions and outsourcing services. The firm has an employee base of 72,000 people working in more than 120 countries.

The Aon Centre for Innovation and Analytics (ACIA), based in Dublin with over 120 employees, develops and distributes impactful data-driven insights that support fact-based decision-making – ultimately driving measurable value for Aon colleagues and clients around the globe.


Driving Technology at Some of the World's Smartest Companies

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  • “Singlepoint are a trusted provider of professional services to us. We value the strength and flexibility of their resources, understanding of our business needs and track record for delivery.”

    Fergal Collins - Chief Executive Officer

    Aon Centre for Innovation & Analytics
  • Singlepoint supported the delivery across a number of key Facebook IT, Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions. Singlepoint’s technical capabilities and delivery track record made the decision to appoint them as a technical delivery managed service partner an easy one.

    Ger O'Hara - EMEA Business Intelligence Manager

  • “We engaged Singlepoint to assess our legacy Business Intelligence landscape and support with the definition of our Strategic Business Intelligence Roadmap as they had worked across the company previously and had a proven track record in quality of delivery.” 

    Peter Murray - Business Intelligence Manager

    Three Ireland
  • The Vodafone Ireland Fixed IT team have created a very collaborative and supportive relationship with SinglePoint through the managed service and have used SinglePoint to source and supply highly skilled resources with a strong emphasis in Microsoft Technologies.

    John Smyth - Fixed IT Manager

  • "We have been collaborating with Singlepoint for a number of years… Singlepoint worked with us to understand the requirement in detail and deliver on it in line with our timelines. The team were very professional, customer focused, flexible and great to work with!"

    Karl Brenner - Chief Executive Officer

    Perform IT

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