Brian Seery, Singlepoint’s technical consulting director, was interviewed in TechPro November’s edition by Billy MacInnes about Edge computing. Read the transcript of this interview below:

Brian Seery, technical consulting director at Singlepoint, says that projects in Ireland are mainly still at the stage of collecting data with IoT devices and analysing in the cloud. The company is working with one large client on a project that is geared to helping better manage its equipment. “They’re looking to collect data and cloud is part of that.

Over time, they will have to embed analytics at the gateway level. At the moment, they’re collecting data from IoT and feeding it down to analytics.” For the most part, Singlepoint is helping clients to collect data and build up the infrastructure to analyse that data. “We work with a large and small companies in building infrastructure to expose data to different systems that can use it. With things like machine learning, we’re building business models to apply to analyse that data.

The volume and nature of the data is so vast that it’s impossible to be analysed by humans. The big problem with machine learning is that it’s very effective but it needs quality data.”

Seery says a lot of insurance clients are interested in IoT but it’s “more of a proof of concept” at the moment. Clients who use a lot of industrialised machinery are interested in it for cost optimisation, managing energy consumption, servicing machinery in-house and ensuring 24/7 uptime.

He believes that edge computing is still in a fledgling state in Ireland. But as collecting data on the IoT side of things gets bigger, there will be more opportunities and a lot more activity. Cloud vendors are starting to push it too which, he says, “it’s a pretty good way to see where they see the market is moving”.

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