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Who we are

We are people who are passionate about helping clients achieve new limits. Our team experiments with new technologies and capabilities and determines how best to apply them.

Why Singlepoint

Singlepoint is made up of entrepreneurs and problem solvers deeply passionate and committed to technology and helping clients evolve. Though we are now an established company, we have never lost our start-up spirit or our need to see change happen quickly with quantifiable results.


Who we work with

Meet our people

Rob Curley

Managing Director

Brian Seery

Chief Technology Officer

William Waldron

Managed Services Director

Ciaran Connolly

Service Delivery Director

Niamh O’Connor

Client Services Manager

Gary Byrne

Finance & Operations Manager

Awards & Certificates

Singlepoint wins photo of SInglepoint Team winning their IT Tech Excellence Award

Tech Excellence Awards: IT Architect of the Year

This Award recognises an outstanding IT architecture project undertaken by an individual or a team and it is supported by IASA Ireland the professional body for business, software, data infrastructure and enterprise architects.

Our IT Architecture team has allowed client organisations’ architecture to be a key part of managing and evolving IT systems, and therefore the business operations of their organisations.

Central to our philosophy is the creation of an environment that fosters innovation, vision, trust and we believe that the fundamental building blocks of such an environment are sound architecture and technical processes.

Our partners

Singlepoint key alliance partners, including today’s market-leading technology vendors.


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