Autonomous apps

Rob Curley, Singlepoint’s Managing Director, was interviewed for TechPro’s Autonomous Apps feature this month. Please read his insights below.

While not yet sentience, significant advances have been made in autonomic systems, finds Alex Meehan from TechPro. The idea of building IT systems that are self-managing, self-monitoring and self-healing is not particularly new. The concept has been around for years, decades even, but in it is only in recent years that such systems have started to achieve broad adoption.

But when application and infrastructure are self-managing, a question arises – who is really in control? Without full transparency of how autonomous entities act, can they be guaranteed to conform with your enterprise policies?

Huge leaps

According to Rob Curley, Managing Director of Singlepoint, in the management of many applications, there are huge leaps occurring in how long they are actively managed for and what the predictive analysis of them.

“We do two things, we build applications and we use automation throughout that application build process. They’re no longer dumb applications that are sitting there waiting to fail.” He said. “You’re basically running proactive analysis on these things to check where they are at from a housekeeping perspective. You want to know is the application in a good and happy state and will it continue to run for the next period of time or are there some issues that needed to be noted, that need to be reconciled or needed to be looked at?”

At this sort of technology becomes self-managing is there any issue for managers in just presuming that whoever put it in knows how it works therefore it can just be let run itself?

“Applications being built today generate a lot more data and there are automated processes in how all that data is analysed. But I don’t think it’s possible to get away from having the underlying technical skills and understanding to be able to define what is exactly that should be looked at.” Said Curley.

“You should still be able to do the technical exercise of going through automated applications and tuning them exactly how to behave. That’s true not only at the application and infrastructure management level, that’s true for all aspects of machine learning and AI.”

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