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“There is no single key technology or set of technologies to achieve digital transformation”. Read the transcript of this interview below:

In today’s rapidly changing markets companies understand the need to shift their business and information technology capability towards a more digital oriented view of their business. With products and business models being disrupted on a daily basis the need to be able to change quickly is a baseline requirement for staying in business. With information technology at the core of every modern business, that core needs to be able to change as rapidly as the rest of the business. This is what digital transformation is all about. How businesses transform to thrive in a world that doesn’t just use technology, but is driven by it. Key to a successful digital transformation journey is understanding where you are at and where you are trying to get to. This is where Singlepoint helps our customers by building an understanding of their existing business and information technology processes and systems, and how they see those processes changing to meet the evolving challenges of the markets they operate in. From this baseline we map a transformation path that optimises the value of the customers’ existing technology estate while making the changes necessary to facilitate rapid agile change with minimal downtime and flexible scaling.

No two customers are alike and the technologies we recommend to achieve digital transformation vary considerably per customer. To this end we very deliberately do not have a single key technology. We do have a wide breadth of knowledge of current technologies, technology trends and indeed are constantly learning from our customers’ business models and how they use technology to achieve their business goals.

There is no single key technology or set of technologies to achieve digital transformation. At Singlepoint we can help you on your digital transformation journey.

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