Company Background

eBillity’s Time Tracker was created in 2009 and integrates with QuickBooks, Zero, MYOB, Reckon, Sage, Gusto, ADP, Concur, IFTTT, Stripe and Alexa.
Happy customers from around the world have relied on Time Tracker to log 600+ million hours and generate more than €1 billion in invoices.
Time Tracker by eBillity is a time tracking software designed for teams. It allows users to capture and approve time entries from employees and contractors for easy payroll and client invoicing. It provides multiple channels and apps, such as a web based application, mobile app and outlook integration.

Project Background

“We wanted to make the process even simpler and easy to use. We decided to launch support for voice activated personal assistant – Amazon Alexa”, explains Morris Sutton, Technical Product Manager at eBillity. “In the past six years, the digital personal assistants market has evolved at a remarkably rapid pace. Voice commands are no longer an alternative, gimmicky way to use a smartphone but a function users actively seek in their devices; recent research from GFK showed that 76 per cent of consumers in the US have used voice commands on a digital device”.

eBillity engaged Singlepoint as a trusted development partner because of the company’s high calibre of resources with proven experience in Alexa Skill development and its delivery track record. Consultants with expertise in AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, Alexa and NodeJS worked to ensure the success of this project.

Work Delivered

Singlepoint specialists analysed the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provided by eBillity and recommended improvements to them in order to implement the voice based applications. They then developed microservices which are solely responsible for consuming data from the eBillity APIs, applying transformations on the data structure. They then designed and implemented the Alexa Skill which interact with the user via voice, and with the microservices.

“Users link their device with the eBillity account only once, and they can then create the time entries just by saying a sentence, e.g. ‘ Alexa, ask Time Tracker to create a new time entry for Target for eight hours’, ” continues Morris Sutton. “The process literally takes about ten seconds, and no more excuses for not submitting timesheets on time”.


“Singlepoint delivered the entire project on time and to budget due mainly to the quality of the engagement with the company throughout the implementation,” concludes Sutton. Singlepoint’s analytical skills were also matched by their technical competencies. We are very happy with how it has gone and look forward to a lasting working relationship.”

The next phase for this project is to expand what the user can do using voice and enabling new channels such as Google Home, chatbots, Cortana or other personal assistants.

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