Introducing ConnX
Our Acceleration Platform that allows us
to Fast Track the delivery of your project.
Digitized Solution
The Delivery Accelerator
Mobile Enabled
Device Agnostic
Integration APIs
The Digital Glue
Analytics through IA
Structure the Unstructured
Cloud Ready
The Technology Foundation

We have built Generic Components using reliable technology coupled with a highly responsive design,

which can form the base of any platform.

We provide generic platform functionality with Personalised Dashboards

We make sense of your data with Analytic tools.

ConnX facilitates Data Integration from multiple data sources, including Structured and Unstructured data.

Personalised user profiles will give your customers and your team access to the right information every time.

We build on top of the most reliable technologies: as an AWS Partner we can provide a fully hosted solution.

Get in touch to find out what's possible and hear more about the functionality of ConnX.

Key Benefits

Improve Application Quality and Maintainability
By having centralized, reusable logic into pre-built / tested services, as well as prescribing proven and consistent application layering principles, application quality and maintainability can be improved.
Simplify Application Development
Allows application developers to focus on business logic development and shields them from the complexities of the underlying platforms: increased development speed and decreased development complexity.
Speed Deployment
Contains pre-built, tested, reusable architecture and is packaged with training material and reference applications: projects can achieve a faster speed-to-market.
‘Adapt to’ & ‘Insulate from’ platform changes & anomalies
Modular and customizable, it is easier to adapt to the ever-evolving opensource standards and vendor specific capabilities.
Lower IT costs
The customizable pre-built / tested services can save 300-1500 man days on architecture development.