How to accelerate Digital Transformation in a risk-sensitive and competitive environment

A DAPx On-Demand Webinar

More than ever, Digital Transformation and Digital Technology can improve your operations and enable you to remain digitally agile and up to date with the rapid changes in the current economic context. This on-demand webinar focuses on what digital transformation is, why businesses must adapt now, and the steps they need to take if they are to survive and to give way to a successful digital future.

Key learnings of this session:

What digital transformation is, why businesses must adapt, and how to start developing a realistic digital road map that balances necessities with aspirations.

How the power of our DAPx platform can impact your digital strategy. Watch a preview and demo of DAPx ‘s UI components and PWA cookbook.

How templates, workflows and proven third-party components can be used easily for common types of innovation.

Case studies of Digital Transformation success

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Cutting-edge Insight

Gain first-hand access to cutting-edge insights, based on our experience of delivering end-to-end digital transformation.

Best Practices

We share invaluable best-practices from groundbreaking projects we have worked on.

Valuable Feedback

Have a specific innovation challenge? Ask away and receive our expert’s valuable feedback.

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DAPx Webinar  On-Demand

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