Rob Curley, Singlepoint’s managing director, was interviewed in the TechPro Inside Track December’s edition about Digital Transformation. Read the transcript for this interview below.

Digital Transformation is about improving and tailoring the customer experience by leveraging the right technology sets delivered through an environment of continuous innovation and continued improved interaction.

It is complex, requiring massive change in underlying technology and business processes, along with a shift in corporate culture. People, leadership and experienced focused customer engagements are core to delivering on a successful digital transformation programme.

The process is all about transforming the business to engage with customers seamlessly across a variety of touchpoints, leveraging technologies such as big data, automation, machine learning, IoT, analytics, micro services.

At Singlepoint, we engage through a digital readiness assessment with the customer to assess their current digital capabilities and challenges and define a digital transformation plan. This includes finding out where they are today, where they want to go and how aggressively they want to pursue getting there.

We are finding that companies are looking to capture ideas and get prototypes delivered much faster than before. We use a combination of Design Thinking and Solution Accelerators to get ideas from concept to delivery with a little cost and effort as possible which makes prototyping key. New technology needs to be assessed, tested analysed and judged.

Successful prototypes are then shaped into MVP (minimal viable products) and unsuccessful prototypes dropped. Strong relationships between customer, employees and partner are key to making the transformation reality.  The trusted partner and support teams help to improve user adoption rates while reinforcing the positive aspects of the technological change.

Companies are digitally transforming the way their employees work and dramatically improve their customer experiences. We work in a smart, agile way and leveraging the right technology sets delivered through an environment of continuous innovation. This isn’t just about rolling out new IT projects; it’s about transforming the business to make it learner, more agile and more cost effective.

We find that leaders are looking for ways to better use internal and external data – particularly big data. Companies that use big data effectively tend to generate higher revenues and come up; with more innovative project ideas and capabilities.


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