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Rob Curley, Singlepoint’s Managing Director was featured in this month’s The Sunday Business Post Connected- customer experience.

Customer experience is now a buzzword for many businesses but look beyond the marketing and it provides a pathway for really enhancing a company’s reputation, writes Quinton O’Reilly from The Sunday Business Post. The customer has never had more power over a company than ever before. With greater accessibility of service, more control and flexibility and faster speeds of delivery, it’s a reality which all companies have to face and live up to.

Finding the right technology

The other part of it is introducing the technology needed for a particular demographic. Singlepoint gave one example where it worked with Childline to create new ways for children to interact. Children weren’t making calls any longer so being able to cater for alternative methods like webchat were of primary importance. “[Childline] brought us in to put in place a modern omnichannel engagement with children, with mobile phone, web, chat plus
voice capabilities there” said Rob Curley, the managing director of Singlepoint.

“They’re doing some quite advanced things there with regards to sentiment analysis of interactions with children, in a private manner, but looking for trend analysis with regards to how to better various calls or interactions.” While call centres aren’t as popular with younger generations, there is another element of voice that is growing in popularity: voice assistants. The likes of Alexa will make speaking to machines a more natural experience, especially since they’re positioned to be placed in the home rather than in public. It’s something many organisations are looking at as a valid channel for customer engagement, says Curley.

“Voice is becoming a big play,” he said. “We’re seeing a lot of organisations that have the traditional web and mobile and call centres but now voice automation, a lot of companies are starting down that road with the likes of Alexa. “The customer can interact directly and you can get in touch with a cloud-based contact centre, assess the data quite quickly with regards to how the customer is interacting with their voice, and to bring all of that together, that standardised omnichannel interaction is certainly a trend that we’re seeing.”

Keeping people happy

Curley says that while customers are becoming more demanding, there’s also scope for coming up with new methods and models for addressing this. “[For legacy companies like] telcos and banks, the challenge for them is that they have to come up with models where they deal with the traditional customer in traditional ways which may end up being face-to-face,” he said. “But then the newer customers, they want to interact with the customer digitally so the challenges for these audiences is they’re having to support and improve both models. “It’s obviously a very competitive market out there for them so they’re having to deliver on old customers’ needs, new customers’ needs and get them delivered in an efficient manner.”

The Sunday Business Post Connected

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