Stephen Lennon, Software Engineer with Singlepoint talks about his recent visit with Singlepoint Partners RedHat.

Living in Dublin you might get the impression that every cosmopolitan city enjoys a vibrant selection of independent artisan coffee experiences within walking distance of home and office. Last month I decided to venture to London to see how they were getting on with coffee culture over there, and to drop in on our Partners RedHat to learn about their OpenShift and RedHat Open Application Runtime offerings and what it might mean to our Clients.

Being an enabling technology, organisations don’t buy cloud services as an end product like coffee, but rather they invest upon seeing the potential it holds to deliver their applications and services to their internal and external Customers with flexibility, scalability, resilience, and a seismic shift in the balance of operational vs capital expense.

A common experience in the early stages of the Cloud Journey is that of many services to orchestrate, complex and distributed configuration and the joy and burden of having many different ways to do things. This can result in a steep learning curve on the way to realising the proven benefits of cloud adoption. OpenShift and RHOAR are central to RedHat’s approach to simplifying the Cloud Journey and providing world class customer support for the full stack of a cloud hosted application, into which the Customer can plug the code of their application.

An important way we can help is to have current, in-depth knowledge of the solutions suitable for every set of needs we encounter. RedHat OpenShift is one of those options with great potential to provide simplification, a best practices approach to cloud adoption and a patterned approach to deployment, dynamic scaling and management of applications in the cloud.

It’s for that reason that I’m standing in Finsbury Circus Gardens negotiating my first research coffee of my trip. Evaluating a coffee focuses on four main criteria: The bean, grind and suitability; The Barista effort; The mixed product; The Customer Journey. The product evaluation requires tasting the coffee espresso, black and flat white to establish the appeal of the bean and its suitability for mixing into milk products. Today the espresso shot is overpowered by the milk and my Customer Journey is marred by having to wait far too long. Overall, 4 out of 10.

RedHat OpenShift simplifies the deployment of applications in a patterned approach into a cloud environment direct from the Customer’s source repository. The addition of the RedHat Open Application Runtime (RHOAR) replaces the operating system and provides the container in which the application runs making the full stack supported by RedHat.

Instead of a complex and daunting toolbox of cloud services, OpenShift provides a centralised, patterned, easy and supported route to high availability, dynamic scaling, deployment and management of applications in the cloud. Customers then don’t have to reinvent their own cloud architectures but can benefit from years of experience garnered by large multinationals, cloud giants and the Open Source Community while benefiting from RedHat’s renowned technical support spanning the entire stack.

On the second day my research uncovers the bright and trendy Department of Coffee and Social Affairs in Broadgate near our hotel, where the flat white is the best of my three research samples. The shot is bright, woody and fragrant and balanced beautifully against finely textured milk at the right temperature. I’m reminded that our objective is to help make our Client’s Cloud Journey as fragrant and velvety smooth as this perfect coffee. 8 out of 10. I’m deducting 2 points because the latte art was not in the shape of a swan.

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