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Singlepoint is often tasked with helping our clients find transformational success and implement robust and new technology delivery. Our platform approach to digital transformation is defining new ways companies accelerate innovation. But what are innovation platforms and how do they help?

Innovation software provides an organised and secure collaboration space for idea generation and progress towards innovation (source: TrustRadius). At its core is the capability for an organisation to explore and assess internal – or external – ideas and opportunities, so that innovation can be fostered and eventually implemented. Our own digital acceleration platform DAPx is one such innovation framework – an extensive toolset that empowers developers to collaborate, to prioritise the best opportunities and to develop a realistic digital roadmap for our customers that balances necessities with aspirations.

How Do Innovation Frameworks Work?

DAPx provides one central location for all our developers and for our customers’ development teams (should they choose to collaborate) to submit ideas and take part in the assessment process. Our DAPx manager Niall Maher then activates processes and functionalities to analyse and visualise ideas and concepts, with a view to define a project plan and elaborate a precise workflow to facilitate ideas progress through the development pipeline.

Many innovation frameworks rely on both internal and external sources to develop and submit new ideas. At Singlepoint, this approach also critically helps in our efforts to recruit talent from around the world and encourage innovation – while establishing a central repository for ideas and safeguarding intellectual property.

Why Do We Use DAPx, Our Innovation Platform?

Creating a culture of innovation – Many of our teams work on-site with clients in competitive and technology-driven sectors such as banking, financial services, retail and telecoms. Nowadays, organisations in such sectors need to do more than just adapting to evolving markets, they must anticipate opportunities and lead trends, as they have most to gain from an environment of innovation. 

Engaged employees make happy customers – DAPx is used by our teams as a critical tool to capture and develop ideas from our employees who work closely with these organisations. Ideas are given appropriate attention without getting bogged down in details or lost within the hierarchy of a wider team. Employees truly feel their contribution is valued and they are fully invested in the successful completion of a project.

Streamlined development process – Frameworks continue to be harvested from projects with the collaboration of a DAPx Community, using open source methods. Our collaborative repository is the forum for communication, enhancement, and management of the DAPx architecture, and our dedicated development team ensures innovation by contributing to and continually refining the architecture.

Building Enterprise apps, fast – DAPx significantly reduces the development time so that products and services can be put on the market faster. Once we have trained you, you will be able

  • to visually develop your full-stack apps incredibly fast
  • easily connect your apps to any system
  • deliver beautiful native mobile experiences and responsive web apps with ease
  • extend apps with your own front-end or back-end code (no lock-in)
  • ensure your apps will perform great regardless of the number of users, complexity, or data volume and that they are safe all the way from design to deployment with the latest security features

How Does Our DAPx Platform Benefit You?

It basically boils down to this: with DAPx, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Most teams have the same basic infrastructure needs: server cluster, load balancer, database, cache, CI/CD, monitoring, secrets management, and so on. Why waste time building it all from scratch? 

At Singlepoint, we are a team of DevOps experts who have spent thousands of hours creating a library of reusable, battle-tested infrastructure code that has been used in production by hundreds of companies, and now you can leverage all of it with the Infrastructure as Code Library.

Who Uses DAPx?

Childline Contact Centre & Digital Platform – The ISPCC needed to completely replace our existing websites, digital platform and supporting databases with a more cost-effective, sustainable and manageable platform in order to improve our efforts to support and protect children using innovation to drive that support. DAPx leveraged a new Digital Platform for the ISPCC and Childline, a Content Management System and a Digital Portal to allow volunteers to manage calls, web and SMS chat sessions with children.

Broker Connectivity Platform for an Irish market leader in the investment and protection sector – Singlepoint was engaged to deliver a digital sales platform for the broker community for Personal/Corporate Pension pension products, with direct integration from external CRM platforms. DAPx leveraged a multi-device option for brokers to process customer applications and offer straight-through processing accelerating the application process within 3 months.

Digital product platform for a major global retailer – Singlepoint worked with a major global player in the travel and retail sectors to define a new eCommerce platform accelerating its expansion channels to market. DAPx provided various services including customer registration, notification, payment, identity management, assisted sales and customer support.

DAPx Webinar: Join Us on 31st March

If you are keen to understand what open innovation means for your organisation and what is within your reach to accelerate digital transformation, join us on Tuesday 31st March at 11 am, for an informative webinar entitled “How to accelerate Digital Transformation in a risk-sensitive and competitive environment”. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding DAPx, please reach out to us.

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