Machine Learning & AI

The future is here

Singlepoint has been working and experimenting with automation and AI for years, and we understand what you have to do to realise long term benefits of this inevitable future. We can advise you on how to start, or how to move forward from where you are now.

Data architecture design and strategy

Whether you’re just getting started with Big Data and Analytics or are already implementing solutions, Singlepoint can help you get the most out of your investment. Our cross-functional team of data scientists, big data engineers and designers will provide you with a strategy to help you build robust architecture.


Machine learning solutions

At Singlepoint we believe that machine learning and deep learning go beyond consumer apps, which is why we are helping our clients use this technology to become intelligent enterprises. By automating processes, prioritising routine decision making and driving process automation through advanced algorithms, we are paving the way for innovative business models and services that can be utilised for machine learning.

Removing the possibility of human error, machine learning solutions and deep learning are enabling us to shift the traditional rule-based processes to more intelligent ones which will enable the discovery of new unstructured data sets and patterns.

Singlepoint helps infuse continuous intelligence into your enterprise processes by dramatically improving your productivity.


Big data infrastructure

By now most people understand what migrating to the cloud means, but not how to make it happen or how to make it most effective for their business. At Singlepoint, we have been helping clients manage that journey for years. Read some of our case studies to see our results


Case Studies

Data Analytics/BI

Melbourne Transport Application

eBillity Time Tracker

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