William Waldron, Managed Service Director at Singlepoint, was interviewed by Alex Meehan in November’s edition of Connected in The Sunday Business Post, discussing why companies should reach out to a third party for managing their IT with an IT skills shortage in full effect. Read the transcript of this interview below:

At its heart, the basic premise behind engaging a managed service provider is simple — why spend time and money investing in managing information technology if it’s not core to what you do? After all, IT is becoming more and more complicated all the time, and staying on top of developments is virtually a full-time occupation. Isn’t it better to leave managing your IT and keeping it protected to people who are specialists? The answer depends on the type of business you’re in and your specific needs but often it can be yes. “Managed services is a very broad description.”

Elsewhere in the market, William Waldron, managed services director with Singlepoint, reports that many of the companies he works with are increasingly looking for a single managed services provider to take care of all their needs. “Most of the companies we deal with are looking for improved efficiencies at the same time as well as the ability to manage risk and reduce IT costs. Because of this, we’re increasingly seeing companies looking for a single provider to cover all their needs,” he said. “At the same time, they don’t want to compromise in any way at all. For example, security is becoming very important and the reason is that security breaches, ransomware attacks and hacks are being widely reported in the media.” At the same time, Waldron noted that the market is looking to move away from a break/fix model to a managed service model where suppliers are proactively managing an environment and not just being called in to fix something that’s broken.

“It’s more looking at the whole model to see if there is redundancy there and if it is necessary to proactively manage high availability for some solutions so they don’t actually go down in the first place?” said Waldron.

“Definitely a lot of business are moving in that direction but obviously sometimes when a problem isn’t right in front of you, it’s not a problem. For many companies, when they have money to invest and everything is running fine, it’s natural to think of investing in new technology, new solutions and new products but sometimes the correct thing to do is to invest in protecting and shoring up what you’ve got.”

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