Fabio Douek, Lead Cloud Architect at Singlepoint

Fabio Douek, our Head of Cloud Architecture, was interviewed in this month’s TechTrade – Cloud. 

Cloud is a significant opportunity for partners and solution providers to strengthen client relationships by delivering a more complete offering, perhaps by partnering with a local CPS with access to the full portfolio of a major cloud vendor.

It is a ‘cloud first’ out there, and the channel needs to adapt, reports Billy Macinnes from TechPro.


Douek advances an interesting proposition that customers have higher expectations that are “more aligned with a cloud consumption model. They expect a quicker turnaround for provisioning a platform, more flexibility, pay only for what they consume, more agility by leveraging DevOps practices and also to be able to leverage innovative services such as AI and analytics”.

But he notes that a considerable amount of service providers “remained in their comfort zone for a long time” because they had heavily invested in their infrastructure and trained their workforce in on-premise technologies, “which are no longer relevant to cloud-based workloads”. This meant that if customers didn’t have a specific requirement to run a solution in the cloud, solution providers continued to build on top of their legacy infrastructure. They only started to provide cloud services “more recently in a very reactive way”.

In the past, smaller service providers wouldn’t be able to afford the heavy lifting off configuring and managing an entire solution, covering VPNs, databases, firewalls, storage and application stack. “But now they can, and ironically what we’ve seen in the market is that smaller service providers are able to make a much bigger impact who have been operating for years”, Douek claims.


This is because service providers with a ‘cloud first’ mindset “have embraced full automation of the infrastructure from day one. They don’t waste their time trying to reinvent the wheel, or to implement the solution as it was done 10 years ago”. Instead, they try to find a solution which is the best fit for the customer and that has “required dedication and focus in understanding cloud principles and best practices.”

Service providers that are focused on a cloud first approach are currently doing very well, and that will continue as demand grows, “but the game is not lost for the traditional service providers”. But they need to see the movement to cloud as an opportunity rather than a threat.

He agrees that partners should “resist the temptation of going in all directions in adopting multiple cloud providers. I would recommend sticking with one or two cloud providers, no more than that”.

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