Niamh O’Connor, Client Service Manager at Singlepoint, participated in TechPro’s Decisions – Skills and Training this month. 

Please read her insights below.

Technology has impacted the way the skills and training are addresses in enterprise, but not necessarily in the ways expected, reports Paul Hearns from TechPro.

“At Singlepoint we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to support our clients. We are constantly up skilling our teams to keep up to date with new technology trends. We have seen a change in the training industry, there are now more specialised technology training courses on offer.

To keep our employees up to date, we are focusing on sending our teams to short intense training courses. This helps our teams to become fully immersed and focused on the training that they are receiving. These intense courses help our employees to put their new skills into practice at a faster pace than those who undergo more formal part time training course.

It is great to see that the training industry is using a variety of training methods when delivering their training courses. We have used courses that use a combination of online, classroom and workshop lead courses to cater for most learnings needs. There is additional support from the training industry towards employees who are juggling a full-time job while upskilling in their spare time. The introduction of being able to attend webinars instead of being onsite at the lectures has assisted many part time students.

As a company, we are constantly learning and look for new ways of working. We look for training courses that give real life examples, this helps our employees to get some perspective on what they are learning and how they could potentially put it into practice. It is important that courses are no longer just delivered via one person doing all of the talking and giving the information, there needs to be discussion, case studies and putting your learnings into practice as part of a course. The training industry has been able to capture this new method of learning to help get people up to speed on a faster level than before.

Technology is ever changing, the speed at which we are delivering and consuming technology is not slowing down. With this speed there is a real thirst for knowledge and information for what is coming next. I believe that the training industry is trying to get that information by aligning itself with industry experts and top performing companies.”

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