Operational Excellence

Save costs while maximising benefits

New technologies now influence an organisation and how it operates more than ever before. At Singlepoint we understand how to keep an eye on the strategy ‘ball’ while aligning the organisation to deliver the value expected. We examine and design your organisation structure, governance, skill and capabilities, processes and technology to achieve your greatest potential.

Delivery and service improvement

We help you analyse your programme delivery ‘system’ and understand where your delivery organisation is under-performing and why. We’ll help you design your future system and deliver practical improvements, targeting the areas of greatest opportunity to achieve a rapid and sustainable step-change in delivery performance. We help you:

  • establish priority initiatives to ensure alignment with your strategic goals and put mechanisms in place to manage them effectively
  • put in place flexible capacity management to plan when and how you use resources to meet evolving demands for work
  • put processes and incentives in place to develop and motivate teams to behave and perform in ways that help your organisation achieve its aims and uphold its values
  • make sure you have the structures, information flows and ways of working in place to allow agile decision making
  • improve your project delivery framework, underpinned by flexible processes that make efficient use of capability and capacity.

Agile coaching & support

Our mission is to advance Agile, technical, digital and professional capabilities for our clients as we do for ourselves. We provide coaching support for individuals, teams, teams of teams and leadership groups for improved performance and sustained results.


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Agile Delivery

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