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This is why we designed a process that ensures your project’s success and your satisfaction.


1 Understand


We work together with all your stakeholders to understand your IT requirements, but more importantly your business goals that lead to these requirements. We have designed a collection of workshops that we can draw from to make sure we have visibility over the full problem and understand its implications. These workshops will allow us to make sense of your business needs and to Design the best Solutions.


“We engaged Singlepoint to assess our legacy Business Intelligence landscape and support with the definition of our Strategic Business Intelligence Roadmap as they had worked across the company previously and had a proven track record in quality of delivery.” 

Peter Murray – Business Intelligence Manager


2 Design


In this second part of our process we will take the learnings we gathered from the workshops and convert them into ideas that address the key requirements. We will put these ideas forward outlining the benefits and the challenges of each and making sure everything we present addresses both your business and technology challenges. We then work together in choosing the best alternative.


“We developed an excellent working relationship with Singlepoint and we trust their people. They were able to offer us good advice at key junctures during these programmes and consequently we’ve made better choices resulting in higher quality outputs and reduced delivery risk.”

Fergal Collins – Chief Executive Officer


3 Plan


Once we agreed on the best solution going forward we will enter the planning phase. Within this step of the process we will work together with all the stakeholders to formally agree on the chosen approach and to align all of the interdependencies. A plan will be developed, outlining all the details of the project going forward. This will be signed off by the relevant stakeholders and we’ll be ready to roll.


“Singlepoint’s Approach was incredibly well-planned and targeted to our needs. The Singlepoint team not only brings in-depth expertise and knowledge but also makes a significant contribution to ongoing development through innovation and creativity.”

John Byrne – Chief Executive Officer

Develop and Deliver

4 Develop and Deliver


Now that we have a plan we’re ready to go. We will work on implementing all the elements of the project and deliver a solution that can clearly demonstrate tangible value to your business and customers. Throughout our experience of working on over 800 projects we found that the best approach is an iterative delivery. This will show you the value of the project from early stages and will allow us to be flexible so that we can easily change direction if your needs evolve.


Singlepoint worked with us to deliver a fully automated dev ops process for our engineering group on AWS. The level of quality and speed of delivery that we have been afforded by Singlepoint has made massive benefit to our development processes.

Eoin Cavanagh – Chief Technology Officer


5 Evaluate


This is a continuous phase. Over the course of the Development stage and beyond, we will monitor the delivery and work closely with stakeholders to constantly check the relevance of the project. We will go over the business case to make sure that the expected benefits will be delivered and are still valid. This allows us to be nimble and react to any changes in your goals. At the same time it will surface any potential challenges at an early stage and will allow us to prepare for them.


The implementation of our new ESO Knowledge Portal was a huge success, in no part down to the Singlepoint team being very responsive to any questions or ideas we had and willing to go the extra mile.

Bryan Kearney – Enterprise Services Operations (ESO) Team Manager

Support and Manage

6 Support and Manage


Once the work is done and the platform has been delivered we provide support and we ensure a smooth transition. This includes documentation and knowledge transfer as well as an operational support team to guarantee the highest quality of customer care. We are here to make your life easier and make sure that the project is successful in the long run so we are keen to support you all the way.


“Singlepoint’s technical capabilities and delivery track record made the decision to appoint them as a technical delivery managed service partner an easy one.”

Ger O’Hara – EMEA Business Intelligence Manager

And then… Let’s have a cup of tea


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