Singlepoint Digital @ Scale is the latest briefing hosted by the Technology Ireland Innovation Forum

The briefing outlined how value in the next stage of the digital era will go to those companies that don’t just try digital but also scale it.

Brian Seery, CTO of Singlepoint highlighted the key challenges implementing digital transformation and customer expectations.  He explained how digital platforms need to be built for change and how getting architecture right enables scale.  He advised on starting small, delivering quickly and iterating.  Brian recommended that companies should break up architecture based on self-contained systems for faster delivery and consistency, performance and operational efficiency as this was key to making the process seamless.  He said that by supporting multi cloud deployment, companies can be highly automated, always on and can pay by use.

Johann Cardiff, Head of Consulting at Singlepoint explained that digital transformation is not complete without transforming your organisation and culture.  Not doing this is a fundamental challenge to take advantage of digital platforms and delivering a great user experience.  She spoke about sourcing expertise as an option to improve your go-to-market effectiveness.  Culture plays a huge role in how an organisation operates, how employees work and interact, and this starts with the leaders – they influence the culture of the organisation. Talking through steps for success with a programme like this she gave some areas to focus on – making a compelling case for change, involving the employees, understanding the current organisation culture.  Making the change real by effecting change daily, not being afraid to deal proactively with resistance and most importantly to celebrate small wins.

Guest speaker on the day was Dave Power, Chief Solutions Officer at eShopWorld who shared his journey of digital transformation and how ‘inside out transformation’ has helped harness real business growth, keeping eShopWorld top of the league table of global online luxury retailers.

I would like thank all our attendees and our speakers for their very informative input,” said Brian.  “I would also like to thank Dave Feenan, Manager of Technology Ireland Forum for hosting this briefing and for his help in organising it”.

“If you would like to speak with Brian Seery, Johann Cardiff, or one of the Singlepoint team, please contact +353 (0) 1 562 0027 or

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