Singlepoint recently hosted a breakfast briefing to explore the common challenges in adopting Machine Learning with cloud services and solving typical problems that may arise.

Brian Seery, Technical Consulting Director of Singlepoint outlined how Machine Learning (ML) is concerned with programs that automatically improve their performance through excellence. He explained the types of Machine Learning and highlighted just some of the problems ML is solving today.

Brian also told the packed audience that with cloud we have drastically lowered the entry point for machine learning because of:

  • The rise in smart applications
  • We are utilising data insights for competitive advantage
  • Cheap, highly secure storage
  • The explosion in available computer power
  • Instant scaling
  • Developer friendly services

The key theme on the day was Cloud and how it has lowered the barrier and gives you all of the tools necessary to start machine learning initiatives. However, machine learning is complex and anyone doing it will realise it’s not just about technology. It is as much about the organisation’s buy-in and availability of quality data that will make it successful.

Guest speakers on the day were Ricky Thomas CEO of Avora and Graham O’Sullivan, Head of Engineering at Zalando. Ricky spoke about getting insights from your data to make decisions at speed. Graham spoke about implementing Cloud First Machine Learning @ Zalando and his experience of adopting Machine Learning at an enterprise scale.

All speakers then took part in a panel discussion with questions from the audience.
“We were delighted at the enthusiastic response from the audience at the briefing”, said Brian. “We would like to thank our speakers for their useful and thought-provoking presentations. We look forward to hosting more industry specific events in the future.”