Accelerating Digital Transformation is the latest breakfast briefing hosted by Singlepoint.

The briefing outlined how innovation, agile technology solutions and culture combine to drive real change within organisations and future proof them for the next phase of growth.

Rob Curley, MD of Singlepoint outlined the pillars of digital transformation; digital culture, digital platforms and digital approach. He explained how customer engagement, an enterprise focus and an understanding of disruptive technologies result in improved time to market, a reduction in cost of delivery as well as a reduction in delivery risk. Rob advised organisations to standardise with a digital business platform as consumer interaction becomes more fragmented. He also talked about how the delivery process needs to be integrated and imbedded into the digital platform to ensure quality throughout the delivery process. Finally, Rob told the audience that that by leveraging cloud technologies businesses gain automated resilience, scaling and virtualisation.

Johann Cardiff, Head of Operational Excellence at Singlepoint talked about accelerating growth through culture shift and organisational transformation. She posed the question ‘why is culture so important’ and explained how the beliefs, ideologies, principles and values of an organisation form its culture and how the culture of the workplace controls the way employees behave amongst themselves as well as with people outside the organisation. The culture decides the way employees interact at their workplace. Johann explained that while new technologies can influence an organisation and how it operates, it is the sum of the parts – aligning the entire organisation, culture, processes and capabilities that is imperative to deliver optimal outcomes and drive improved efficiencies.

Guest speaker on the day was Ger O’Hara from Facebook who spoke about the company’s digital transformation journey.

The briefing provoked a lively debate and some excellent feedback from attendees.

“I would like to thank all our attendees and our speakers for their very informative input,” said Rob. “We will be hosting our next briefing later in the year and look forward to seeing you all then.”

“If you would like to speak with Rob or one of his team, please contact +353 (0) 1 562 0027 or

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