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Brian Seery, Singlepoint’s Chief Technology Officer, was interviewed by Alex Meehan this month for TechPro’s investment priorities.

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There are a few surprises, along with the old reliables, among IT’s investment ambitions, reports Alex Meehan. Digital transformation, enterprise mobility, big data and analytics? Where will enterprise investment go this year and where will it have the greatest impact? Will security and data protection simply win out due to the perceived risks?

These are the questions that are inspiring most interest in IT departments around Ireland. But the traditional walls between IT and other parts of the business are dissolving and technology is continuing to impact more and more processes outside its traditional bunker.

Cloud channels

For the point of view of Irish tech consultancy Singlepoint, investment in 2019 is likely to go primarily into the development of mobile apps, with security and the opening up of cloud channels coming a close second. “From our perspective working primarily with customers in the insurance, banking and financial services space, we’re seeing a lot of growth in digital solutions geared around customer propositions. Basically, giving customers the ability to sell services through digital channels, whether that be over phone, over interactive voice response (IVR) systems and delivering that kind of omni-channel experience,” said Brian Seery, Chief Technology Officer with Singlepoint.

“At the same time, we are seeing a lot of money going into initiatives around security. The reason for this is that more and more of the bigger institutions out there are working with smaller providers, whether that be companies like ourselves as SME or cloud providers.” The challenge this presents for large companies is that illustrated by the chain analogy – a chain is only as strong as its weakest link – and this is particularly true when it comes to moving data around between the various stakeholders that can be involved in facilitating hybrid cloud type environments.

“How they manage security in those solutions and how they actually expose some of their data to those types of third-party advisors requires a lot of thought and it also requires huge investments in terms of infrastructure and security to support,” said Seery. “You can’t really start to enable some of the other solutions that enterprise companies want to use until they’ve done that foundational work. That’s a key step which sometimes gets overlooked but when you’re looking to deploy those solutions, you’ll only get so far until that’s in place.”

Seery believes that what is driving initial investment around growth strategies is the need for companies to find new propositions and create fundamentally different types of apps or experiences to bring to customers and to market. “What we are seeing is particularly a play around AI and a lot of activity around predictive analytics in order to offer personalised types of experiences to customers. But in order to do that effectively, you are into a whole piece of making sure your data is actually fit for purpose and acceptable,” he said. “One of the big challenges that we see when customers want to embark on that type of journey is that the data itself isn’t in the right kind of state so that it can be used effectively. There’s often a lot of remedial work and cleansing of data that needs to happen up front before you can really start to get value from an AI perspective.”

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