Frank O’Connor, Singlepoint’s senior technology consultant, was interviewed in the TechPro December’s edition about Disruptive Technologies. Read the transcript of this interview below.

O’Connor describes disruptive technology as something that resolves inefficiencies of a particular kind that may have been largely ignored before the technology emerged, such as the shift from telephone to mobile. “That explains the difficulty in gaining traction,” O’Connor explains, “because people don’t see the priority of investing early, they’re only persuaded to do so once other people have changed their minds. That’s quite problematic.”

There are two approaches to adopting disruptive technology. You can get in on the adoption curve at the sweet spot when there are enough early adopters but before it becomes too saturated. But it can be difficult to identify when that happens. The other way is not to focus on disruption but on inefficiencies, on identifying and categorising them and then resolving them.

Singlepoint has adopted the second approach with its own disruptive technology (he prefers to call “innovative”), known as ConnX, built on a React and Redux stack, which is highly configurable and adaptable. “We’re working successfully on two major projects,” O’Connor reveals. “We’re at the point where we are delivering on it and using it in proposals and winning bids.”

Internally, Singlepoint can also develop things quicker. “We can make things far quicker and more efficiently than before we had it”, he adds. “And we can build more graphically rich and user interactive apps.” O’Connor believes that ConnX is “driving our expansion to a degree, we’re getting new bids and new clients by utilising it.

We’re hiring new key staff and expanding on the back of it. It’s been disruptive to us, but in a good way. Singlepoint’s relationship with AWS has been key to the development of ConnX. “If you’re really involved with AWS, it’s going to encourage a disruptive approach because there are so many new possibilities of doing things with the cloud. There’s a wealth of things you can do with it and innovative new ways to do things. AWS already is disruptive and as a channel for AWS, it really help us push that through to clients.”


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