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Our own Managing Director Rob Curley, spoke to and he reviews what have been the highlights and low points of the IT businesses in the first half of 2019.

It’s been a busy 2019, reports Billy MacInnes from

Half way through 2019, what have the been highlights and low points of the year for channel partners and IT businesses? What technologies have provided growth areas and where are clients spending their money? Will the rest of the year be better, worse or the same as the first half of 2019?

Rob Curley, Managing Director at Singlepoint, observes that cloud is becoming standard for a lot of customers and a number are adopting a ‘cloud first’ strategy. Even financial services companies are starting to go down the cloud route. And many are not just using it for SaaS but also to build their own applications and to put some of their core capabilities onto the cloud.

“Something has changed in the last six to 12 months,” he says. “We wouldn’t have often seen organisations willing to go down that route before, they were still looking to put everything in their data centres.”

The company has built its own digital platform over the past 18 months and Curley reveals it has had “a lot of engagement around that and we’ve licensed it to a number of organisations”. Singlepoint has done a lot of work for companies seeking to digitise the customer experience and streamline it via mobile apps or web apps. “A lot of banks and financial services companies are spending money in that space and there’s a lot of work there right now”. He expects more of that work to come the company’s way “based on our success over the last six to 12 months”.

In terms of challenges, he thinks that “a lot of organisations are still struggling with IoT, AI and machine learning. You hear of people doing things in these areas, but when you scratch at the surface, it’s pretty light. They’re trialling or testing the waters, it’s all quite lightweight. I wouldn’t see a huge amount of success in that space for a lot of enterprises to date – they’re still trying to get their heads around these things”.

As for the rest of 2019, there is Brexit and the effect it could have. Also, finding people with technical skills is an issue. Singlepoint is trying to solve this through “a combination of partnering with people and bringing in staff from Brazil and India through sponsorship for very particular skill sets”.

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