Rob Curley, Singlepoint’s Managing Director, spoke to TechPro this month.

Read his insights for 2019 in TechPro’s Visions Report below.

Exiting the complexity trap

“We are already seeing massive growth among businesses that are aggressively executing a clear digital transformation strategy and looking to capture ideas and get prototypes delivered much faster than before. Digital change will be harnessed through a combination of digital technology, digital culture and partnering with specialists to accelerate digital transformation. Successful transformation is as much about people and processes as it is about technologies.

To shift into digital speed, companies need to look into their decision-making processes and tackle the bottlenecks. The ability to respond quickly and accurately to shifts in customer behaviour will be vital in tomorrow’s world as businesses and people become more demanding, as well as tech savvy. Machine learning will assist in these efforts. Machine learning is as much about the organisation’s buy-in and availability of quality data that will make it successful.

At Singlepoint, we have built and continue to build our own solutions in areas that we see high growth, so we can come in and just switch it on for clients. We have had much success with our DAPx platform last year with many implementations taking place in 2019 too. It is a cloud-ready digitised platform that provides a framework for delivering solutions and services reliably and quickly and is now implemented in several customer sites and we use it ourselves. It allows customers to cut up to 50% off delivery costs as it can save 300 – 1000 man days on mobilisation, design and development.

With all our solutions, we are building in that capability and automating them so we can get people moving quickly. Digital technologies and methods are supremely flexible. They enable businesses, end users, and IT departments to work interactively to design applications and user journeys that are ‘just right’, and to adapt processes accordingly. In essence, the transformations that emerge from the digital era itself may well spell the end of the complexity trap.

Organisations are looking into how they can leverage their infrastructure, applications and services in order to cut out hardware costs and increase scalability and we are working on cloud adoption architecture which will increase commitment to connecting clouds and this will be the big movement in 2019.

Chatbots are another area that is of particular interest to us. We have built a number of them and we see there is a big opportunity for them in terms of cost optimisation. Already, we are seeing that a lot of people are happy to use bots if they get the answer they need, they are intuitive, equipped with the ability to improve their efforts from continual learning algorithms and serve to meet the demands of the fast-paced, hyper-connected digital world in which we live.

Following decades of rapid growth and disruption, the dominant forces shaping the digital landscape have shifted, and we will be entering a period with fewer ground-breaking changes but far greater transformation. We’ll see major shifts in culture and in the broader conversation about the digital landscape.”

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