Exploit and accelerate your digital capabilities.

Our team experiments with new technologies and capabilities and determines how best to apply them.

What we do

Digital Acceleration

Singlepoint works with the best tech companies looking to accelerate their digital capability as well as helping them deliver products and services to market better and faster. Read about our Technology and Digital track record.

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By now most people understand what migrating to the cloud means, but not how to make it happen or how to make it most effective for their business. At Singlepoint, we have been helping clients manage that journey for years.

Our strategic partnership with AWS provides our clients with integrated solutions that help enable digital transformation for the future.

Read some of our case studies to see our results.

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Machine Learning & AI

Singlepoint has been working and experimenting with automation and AI for years, and we understand what you have to do to realise long term benefits of this inevitable future. We can advise you on how to start, or how to move forward from where you are now.

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Operational Excellence

When adopting new technology, you can’t expect your organisation not to change as well. We work with clients to redesign their operating model, create process efficiencies and save cost across their organisation to maximise the benefits.

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